RCH Portal Data Entry, Login, Registration, Report Rch.mohfw.gov.in/RCH

Applicable Process of RCH Portal Data Entry Children Self Registration Login. RCH Portal Data Entry, Rch.nhm.gov.in Data Entry Online, Registration, Report Rch.mohfw.gov.in/RCH

RCH Portal Data Entry

The Indian Health and Family Welfare Department has organized a health system known as the RCH portal. The Reproductive and Child Health(RCH) program is a legal initiative launched in India in 1997. The program collects all information in the whole country to care for reproduction, new born, child, adolescent, and maternity health. The government has monitored and implemented health schemes to help women with infertility issues, the pregnancy cycle, and the childbirth process. It also caters well-being of the mother and child and the safety of couples.

Through the RCH portal, the information regarding family planning, maternal health, immunization, and child health are captured to provide quality Medical Services to children and women. In order to ensure quality services to pregnant women and children, the portal has helped in reducing cases of infant and maternal mortality rates. However, early identification and tracking of children for complete immunization are done through this portal. It also meets all the requirements of the RMNCH program with the provision of family planning services, comprehensive AMC, and alerts to ANM beneficiaries and health managers. Employees and users can access the RCH portal.


Rch.mohfw.gov.in/RCH Rch.nhm.gov.in Data Entry Online Login

rch portal data entry, login, registration, report rch.mohfw.gov.in rch
rch portal data entry, login, registration, report rch.mohfw.gov.in rch

Benefits of the RCH Portal

The government has established an RCH portal that benefits its users in various ways;

  • The portal provides related information on family planning, child health, vaccination, and maternal health.
  • Offers quality service to pregnant women and children.
  • Reduces the infant mortality rate.
  • Helps preparation of reports to all pregnant women and identification of high-risk pregnancies.
  • They assist in the implementation of various government schemes.
  • People can plan the service delivery and identification of beneficiaries.

Data Entry involved under the RCH portal

The data entry included in the RCH portal consists of the following list;

  • Profile entry.
  • Bank Information.
  • JSY PFMS Module.
  • Child details.
  • Couple requirements.
  • Health provider/ASHA entry.
  • Data of pregnant women.

How to Know Your Health Record in the RCH portal?

Here are the steps to follow that shows how to get your health record;

  • You need to tap on the Know Your Health Records option.
  • A new window will open on the screen.
  • Choose your ID type on the next page.
  • Input your captcha code and ID number.
  • An OTP message will be sent to your system.
  • Type in the OTP into the OTP box and press on validate.
  • Now, your information will be on your screen.

How to do self-registration at RCH Portal

Follow the guide below for the self-registration process;
 Move to the official website of RCH portal via rch.nhm.gov.in/RCH
 Press on the self-registration option on the opened homepage.
 A page will open on the homepage.
 Tap one of your desired choices, like child registration or pregnant women registration.

Register for ANM ASHA at the RCH portal

The process to register for ANM ASHA at the RCH portal
Below are simple ways to register for ANM ASHA through the RCH Portal;

  • Navigate to the official website of the RCH portal at rch.nhm.gov.in
  • A page will open to link the website.
  • Hit on the Data Entry option on the homepage.
  • Next, press on the Section II to continue.
  • Tap on the ANM/ASHA registration option and tap on the continue option.
  • A registration application will be displayed on the screen.
  • Type in the information asked on the application form like Name and Designation, Father’s Name, Gender and Operational Mobile Number, Village, etc.
  • Input your EID date, EID number, telecom operator, bank details, and Aadhaar number.
  • Confirm all the details, and submit the ANM/ASHA registration form.

RCH Portal Login

The process to log in for Reproductive and Child Health at the RCH portal

To log in for Reproductive and Child Health, you can access the service portal page of reproductive and child health by following the steps below;

  • Launch the official website of Reproductive and Child Health portal through https://rch.mohfw.gov.in/RCH/
  • Proceed to the Data Entry option.
  • Input your password and username in the login columns.
  • Press on the Login button and wait for the verification process.
  • The Reproductive and Child Health login process will be successful and the service page will be successful.

Ways to raise a ticket at the RCH portal

Applicant can submit their access through the portal as stated below;

  • Navigate to the official website of RCH portal at rch.nhm.gov.in/RCH
  • A new window will open to link in.
  • Tap on raise ticket to proceed.
  • Input your mobile number and hit the submit button.
  • You will now be able to raise your ticket using this portal.

Rch.nhm.gov.in Data Entry Online

Steps to do Data Entry at RCH Portal

  • You need to progress to the official website of the RCH portal.
  • Press on the DATA Entry option on the opened page.
  • A page will display on your screen to continue.
  • Fill in your username, password, and captcha code.
  • Hit on the login page, and the required details will display on your screen.

How to Enter Child Details in the RCH Portal?

Follow these steps to learn how to enter child details in the RCH portal;

  1. Visit the Reproductive and Child Health portal at rch.nhm.gov.in/RCH
  2. Press on Data Entry and fill in your login details.
  3. Choose the Child Entry option from the menu page.
  4. Hit on New Entry and provide the information of the child.
  5. Type in Mobile number, address and date of birth.
  6. Finally, hit on save entry button to submit the details to the portal.

Check the Report on the RCH Portal

Process to check the report on the RCH portal

Here is an approach to reviewing information on your portal;

  • Move to the official website of the RCH portal at https://rch.nhm.gov.in
  • A new page will open on your screen to proceed.
  • Key on the reports option.
  • A list of options will appear on the screen, like standard report and Query builder.
  • Press one of your desired options.
  • A login form will display on your computer screen.
  • Provide the required login credentials like username, password, and captcha code.
  • Next, tap on the login option to conclude the form.

How to view Anmol’s status at the RCH portal?

  • Visit the official website of RCH portal at https://rch.nhm.gov.in
  • Link the site on the opened homepage.
  • Press on the Anmol status option on the page.
  • You will see a new page on your screen.
  • Lastly, view your Anmol status on the page.

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  1. What is the main objective of the RCH portal?

Its main objective is to reduce many cases of infant and maternal mortality rates.

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