AP Pensioners Pay Slip Download, ఏపీ పెన్షనర్ల పే స్లిప్పులు

Complete Details On AP Pensioners Pay Slip. AP Pensioners Pay Slip 2024 Download at Payroll.herb.apcfss.in Payslip 2024. Andhra Pradesh Employee Pay Slip PDF Link. ఏపీ పెన్షనర్లకు పేస్లిప్పులు at https://nidhi.apcfss.in/login, treasury.ap.gov.in/pensions/

AP Pensioners Pay Slip

Pensioners’ pay slips serve an essential role to the pensioners who were working for the government. The Andhra Pradesh government has launched an online AP pensioner’s pay slip to benefit the government pensioners under the CFMS system. Registered and employees and pensioners can access multiple details on AP pensioner pay slip download through the available payroll HERB website at https://herb.apcfss.in/ (or) https://nidhi.apcfss.in/login.

AP pensioners pay slip 2024.

 To download and check the AP pensioner’s pay slip, visit the official Comprehensive Finance Management System (CFMS) website at www.cfms.ap.gov.in. An AP pensioner can check and download pay slips from the official payroll portal using the Aadhaar number or CFMS ID.


It’s a system established by the state government of Andhra Pradesh to provide better services for their pensioners. The CFMS stands for Comprehensive Financial Management System. This web application provides the following services:

  • Pension details.
  • Checking pension pay slips.
  • Annual income.


ap pensioners pay slip download, ఏపీ పెన్షనర్ల పే స్లిప్పులు
AP Pensioners Pay Slip Download 2024, ఏపీ పెన్షనర్ల పే స్లిప్పులు

AP Treasury Pensioners PPO SLIP

A pension payment officer (PPO) is an officer who deals with the AP pay slip. This AP pay slip, also called a Pension Payment Order (PPO), and is managed by the Andhra Pradesh government. The pensioners working under the government get their pensions through the government treasury. Pensioners are always advised to review their pay slips to verify correct information and errors.

AP Pensioners PPO

The PPO (Pensioners Pension Order) is a document by the Pension Payment Officer (PPO). The document is given to the pensioners receiving their salaries from Andhra Pradesh government treasury. Pension Payment Officer is entitled to rectify errors if any can be found in this document.

ఏపీ పెన్షనర్ల పే స్లిప్పులు

The AP pensioners Payslip.

It’s a document outlining the monthly pension amount and the deductions made. It is given to retired government workers.

Download AP Pensioners Pay Slip 2024

How to download AP pensioner’s pay slip 2024

According to the new PRC 2024, the checking and downloading of pensioners’ pay slips can be done through the payroll web application. Having your login details, follow the below-mentioned steps to download the AP pensioners pay slip:

  1. A person can move into the official payroll website at https://payroll.herb.apcfss.in (or) https://nidhi.apcfss.in/ (or) https://cfms.ap.gov.in/
  2. After opening the website, press the “Download pay slip” option on the webpage.
  3. The web page will provide an “Employee/pensioner provisional pay slip download”.
  4. You must choose the “pensioner” tab from the menu and then submit to continue.
  5. A new page will open, requiring you to enter the following information:
    • CFMS ID.
    • Password.
  6. Submit for the production of the pay slips to take place.
  7. Pay slips will appear on the web screen for download.
  8. In the “Download” column, click the “Download” option, and the generated Payslip will be shown on the screen.


ap pensioners pay slip download, ఏపీ పెన్షనర్ల పే స్లిప్పులు
ap pensioners pay slip download, ఏపీ పెన్షనర్ల పే స్లిప్పులు

Formation of AP Employee Salary Certificate

The AP employee pay slip will help you acquire a bank loan, for it is used to show the income status of an employee. The following are the employee salary certificate contents:

  • Mobile/contact details.
  • First employee name.
  • Annual salary.
  • Deductions from the salary.
  • Employment status.
  • Posts.
  • The day of your job starts.
  • Allowance.
  • Lastly, the employees’ signature.
  • Proof of your identity.

Download HERB APCFSS Pay Slip Using HERB APP

How to get your HERB APCFSS pay slip using the HERB APP?

The below steps will guide the pensioners on how to download the HERB APCFSS pay slip using the HERB App:

  • The AP pensioner can visit the Google Play store to search for the HERB app and download it.
  • Input the application, enter your CFMS ID, and provide the user ID (CFMS number) followed by the password “cfss@123”.
  • Hit the “Sign in” option and key in the OTP, which will take you to the Dashboard.
  • Continue by tapping on “Pay slip” button, then tap the “Click here” option appearing on the display screen.
  • The Payslip Dashboard will provide monthly salary information in the needed format.
  • Click on the “Download pay slip” and choose the month of your choice. All the required details will be shown on your device’s display screen.
  • To download the PDF file, hit the “Download” button on the menu.


  1. Which is the AP payroll HERB official website?

The AP payroll HERB official website is at https://herb.apcfss.in/

  1. What are the contents of the AP pensioner’s pay slip?

The AP pensioner’s pay slip contains:

  • Mobile/contacts name.
  • First employee name.
  • Annual salary.
  • Deductions from the salary.
  • Employment status.
  • Posts.
  • The day of your job starts.
  • Allowance.
  • Proof of your identity.
  • Lastly, the employees’ signature.

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